UiPath getting stuck while accessing Orchestrator assets only from a specific project

Hi All,

I’m having an unusual issue with my current project. One of the first steps that I take is to download from orchestrator the assets needed to dictate some of the behavior of my bot.

As of now, every time I execute the bot (either on debug or run mode), the bot gets stuck on trying to retrieve the first asset, the activity does not time out (I tested and the bot went over 3 hours on debug mode and all it was saying was “Get Asset Executing”) even when I specified a 1000ms timeout value, it never errors out, and it never returns the asset value (a simple string text).

I have tried to create a new xaml within the same project, and it presents the same issue, however, when I execute the get assets activity from a new project (same machine, same orchestrator, same values in the activity), I am able to get the value in less than a second… Any idea what might wrong with my project? I would appreciate your help guys.