No properties for activity

Hi, so today I decided to update my packages (see the versions):
*UiPath.System.Activities - v23.10.2
*UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities - v23.10.3

Studio version - 2022.10.5

And now I have a problem with the “Get Asset” activity. Please have a look:

I don’t have any properties in the tab or in the activity itself. It’s not hidden or anything - it’s just not there. What should I do now?

If I set the version of the packages to 21.10.X, it works fine as before, but other parts of my project are broken because of missing activities. I really do not want to rebuild the whole project.

Has anyone had a similar problem with the new package and could help?

Thanks for any answers!

can you check in data manager the asset you are looking for is present or not .if yes drag that you will get the activity option and choose get asset.

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In the evolution of UiPath Studio / UiPath.System.Activities there was a phase where the Activity properties went fully to the activity card, then by user voice the properties panel came back



a combination of Studio / Package occurs which can not properly handle this property panels.

Upgrade Studio to newer versions
Downgrade Packages

When I drag this asset from Data Manager to the workflow it displays this:

So I have clicked on “Get Asset” from the dropdown. And the result is below - activity without an error - but still, can’t set properties, can’t assign it to a variable.

Are you sure?

It seems that my version of Studio is fine regarding the requirements of the packages :slight_smile:

Close and reopen the project.

Not working, tried this already.

Close all Studio projects/windows, then reopen.

The same. Nothing really changes.

You can check with other activities from the UiPath.System.Activities

Keep in: sometimes existing activities are not usable after upgrade-
So just drag and drop a Get Asset from the new Package Version for test purposes and check its appearance

FYI Show Properties Panel for all activities

Running into this same issue. Using studio 23.4.4, and UiPath.System.Activities 23.10.3. Get Assets has no properties panel and no card so it cannot be used.



Downgrading the package to 23.4.4 to match my Studio version had no effect.
Restarting Studio had no effect.
Renaming the .nuget packages folder and redownloading all dependencies fresh had no effect.

This is a real problem, I’m kind of stopped dead on a lot of things until this is fixed.

I think the solution is upgrading the Studio version, in my case I have 2023.4.3 and I don’t have that problem

It’s still there ! This is a production problem !

I could only solve it by deleting the .json-file.

I’m working with UiPath for the past 5 years and I’m really shocked that the activities (modern activities included) are making it MORE difficult to have a correct overview of the process.
For instance, why do you have deleted the horizontal if-activity ? Now the if-else is more difficult to read.

@loginerror regarding this error (even on 23.10.3 in the cloud environment) it’s still showing.
Could you please give us a best practice regarding this? I had to delete the .json-file of my project.
My dependencies were the following:
“UiPath.Excel.Activities”: “[2.22.3]”,
“UiPath.PDF.Activities”: “[3.16.0]”,
“UiPath.Snowflake.IntegrationService.Activities”: “[5.0.1]”,
“UiPath.System.Activities”: “[23.10.3]”,
“UiPath.Testing.Activities”: “[23.10.0]”,
“UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities”: “[23.10.6]”

Thank you.