Get Asset not working in 2022.10.3

On using getAsset activity in 2022.10.3 output value is coming as blank.
If I use 2022.4.6 package, GetAsset works fine.


Can you check if the Asset folder path remains the same?

@caggarwal ,
Can you please share a screen shot of property panel and to which folder the assistant is connected to?

it is connected to Default, if I downgrade my studio to 4.6 its start working fine

@caggarwal ,

Can you try creating a new asset (with latest version) and give the values hardcoded and check if it is able to get the value

Also can you please share your Uipath screen’s SC

I have a very similar issue, although for me the result is slightly different.

I’m using Enterprise 2022.10.3 and I created a new process with the REFramework template (by default using UiPath.System.Activities 22.10.3)

I added 1 test asset in config.xlsx & Orchestrator (in a Shared folder) and haven’t touched the default code.

I get a “UiPath Executor has stopped working” as soon as the process completes, with the Application event:
Application: UiPath.Executor.exe
CoreCLR Version: 6.0.722.32202
.NET Version: 6.0.7
Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
Exception Info: System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. (Parameter ‘source’)
at System.Linq.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentNullException(ExceptionArgument argument)
at System.Linq.Enumerable.Where[TSource](IEnumerable1 source, Func2 predicate)
at UiPath.OrchestratorClient.Utilities.AssetCacheManager.CacheAssetToFile()
at UiPath.OrchestratorClient.Utilities.AssetCacheManager.<>c.<.ctor>b__14_0(Object sender, EventArgs e)
at System.AppContext.OnProcessExit()

If I downgrade system activities to 2022.10.1 then the process runs successfully (no error).

I should also add that studio has to go through a proxy.
This might be relevant as when I try the same thing locally, using Studio Community 2022.10.3 connected to a different Orchestrator instance I don’t have the same issue.

We are aware of the issue and will provide a fix in the next 22.10.4 version. Thanks for reporting this.

As workaround, you can try to select Orchestrator folder.

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It appears the issue of Get Asset output returning null is not fixed in 22.10.4. I had to revert to 22.10.1 to get it to work correctly.

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