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I have one question, suppose I have a 5 server in production, I have a one Orchestrator installed in my machine, So Can I connect my orchestrator to all 5 machine, and I want to run my bot on all 5 machine , So is it required to Studio installed all the 5 machine??

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Yah of course we can connect all the machines to a single orchestrator
And you can run a process in all the machines
And we don’t need to have studio in them but we need robot to be installed to execute those process

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oh, without studio how it will run???

Robot means orchestrator???

studio is a design platform where we can design the workflow
but that workflow will be executed only with the help of ROBOT and only if the machine has the uipath robot installed
usually uipath comes with STUDIO AND ROBOT
we can install either both or robot alone

robot is not orchestrator where it is a WEB APPLICATION that helps us to monitor and manage those robots and its execution. Its like a dashboard

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you meant this ?


But I don’t understand one thing, If the studio is not installed and I copy the project then I will not be able to see the xaml files, it will show me corrupted file only. Please make me understand this.


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you have one machine that is your system where both robot and studio is installed
apart from that you have five other servers with robot alone installed
–and you have connected your machine to the orchestrator along with these five machines
–now once after developing the process in uipath studio you can publish that to the orchestrator.
–now we got a process in orchestrator tagged to a environment
–so what we can do is as we have installed the robot in all those five machines, we can connect create robots here in orchestrator and connect those machines.
–we can add these robots to the same environment where you have your machines robot
–so while running the process with JOBS tab, we will choosing the process and environment and which robot to execute with
–as we have included all those five robots in this environment we could be able to see them in the list…and we can choose from that on which robot to be used and which robot to be executed with the process

hope this would help you
Cheers @balkishan

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Thanks a lot palani bro, now I am pretty much clear!! :slight_smile:

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