Do i need to install Studio & Robot on multiple Win server?

@ddpadil I have one more question. I have 10 server and created a task on one server as the application installed on server. My question is if I want run the task on all ten servers using orchestrater. So do i need to install the UI-path studio and UI-robot.? or is there any other way that we can manage.without installing this. please let me know this is very important for me.

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Hi Sambana,

So, let’s make things clear first:

  • you have a win server with 10 users
  • you have the application you want to automate installed

There are two cases here: you want to run your process on all ten users in the same time OR on one user at a time?

If it’s the first case, you can install only the Robot(using the .msi file, because you need Robot as a service) on a single user and you’ll be able to access it(the Robot) on all the other users.


  • first you have to set up the windows server:
  • on the same machine you have to connect all users as Robots to Orchestrator, all with the same Machine Name and Key(so this will consume 10 Robot licenses in Orchestrator)
  • also keep in mind that you have to log in on each user at least once before running your process on all users from Orchestrator

If it’s the second case, you can run the process one user at a time with the settings and suggestions from the first case.
Or you can not set the high-density option, but install the Robot as a service, provision the users as Robots in Orchestrator and start your process from Orchestrator on each user at a time.

Please let me know if i missed something or if anything is not clear enough.

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@ovi Thanks for the information. My scenario is I have ten different servers and different logins but all of them are on same domain. on all the ten servers application is already installed. work flow is designed as per all the servers since all of them are same but located at different places. I installed UI-Studio and created a workflow now the requirement is to run the work flow on all the ten server when ever the request come to us it not like at a time. its depends on user request we need to runt he task on their server location. So please advise how do i run this on each server. and also need advise on How to install only robot. As I see Ui-Robot is installing along with Ui-studio. how do i get that Ui-robot.msi file

please help me on my question

I get it now.

In order to install only the Robot you will need the .msi file. You can request UiPath RPA Platform from here: and you will receive the .msi on email, but you’ll need to use the company email in order to be able to make the request.

If you install the .exe file, it will install Studio and the Robot will be in user-mode(not as a service). But you can open only the Robot from %localappdata%\UiPath\UiPath\app-17.1.6522\UiRobot.exe.

In this case, if you want to run the Robots on all servers in the same time, the best(and only i think) option would be via Orchestrator.

  1. provision all ten Robots in Orchestrator(using different machine name since are ten different servers)
  2. add all ten Robots in the same Environment
  3. deploy your Process on that Environment
  4. when requested, manually start a job on that Proccess - all robots in the Environment will appear in the list and you can select them all to run

To be able to deploy your process in Orchestrator:

  1. connect the Robot(from the machine where you created your workflow) to Orchestrator
  2. in Studio, publish your project

Note: you will need to have 10 Unattended Robot licenses in order to be able to Start a job in Orchestrator(and of course to provision your Robots).

@ovi Thanks for your answer seems it will works for this case.
And I have another case which is I have a task on one server inorder to complete the workflow I need to get the data from another server to this server and which is on different domain. Manaully we need to first authenticate the domain via running SSL token then only we will be able to to connect RDP to that server. then we will copy the date frorn that server to our server. getting data is a part for work flow. please help me in this. need your inputs.