Uipath Servers and setup requirement


I am new to the uipath installation process doing it for the very first time .

In my organization we have 3 servers available right now (1 dev & 2 prod)
are these servers enough for complete uipath studio robot and orchestrator installation.

and i even want to understand do studio robot orchestrator require different servers?


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Kindly have a view on this

And for this

Usually uipath comes up with studio and robot
Only robot

So we can install either both studio and robot in a machine or just the robot in a machine

While orchestrator is a web application been accessed from a browser which can be either installed in the same machine where studio and robot is installed or
Can be installed in different machine as well
I would suggest to got different servers so that the robot can be ran in unattended mode as both are in different servers

Cheers @heena_shaikh

@Palaniyappan thank you so much for responding me so quickly.

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Cheers @heena_shaikh