Can I have All in one machine? - Orchestrator, Studio, 2 robots

The setup plan:
Orchestrator, Studio, 1 non-prod robot for studio, 1 unattended robot for Prod - All in one and same server machine which also has a SQL server Express as part of Orchestrator installation.

As I read in a forum earlier that I can’t have more than 1 robot per windows session,
Can I do the following in order to have two robots in the same server.

  1. I login as robot user, install orchestrator and the unattended robot in that session and then connect them.
  2. I do a switch user thus letting the robot process run in background
  3. I then login using a developer account and install studio with a non productive attended robot
  4. I then connect even this second robot to the orchestrator.

Is this a possible configuration or have I totally misunderstood something?

It’s better to have the UiPath components installed on separate machines. As you plan to have both a production and non-production environment, it is good to have the non-production environment as close as possible to that of production to prevent unexpected bugs/issues, when your UiPath package is deployed to production.
For instance, when logging in to a remote orchestrator, login issues arise when incorrect user name is provided. It is good to solve these issues before the production.
We have used two machines to setup UiPath - one housing the Studio and the robots and another having the orchestrator.
As orchestrator setup and manipulation such as deploying packages are quite involved, it is good to use a separate server instance for it - it is up to you to go for a cloud server or local server.
UiPath docs are good and quite detailed mentioning the setup requirements for Studio and Orchestrator.

Thanks Satish.
When you say you have you have a machine that hosts studio and robots - do you mean you have both the ‘unattended production robot’ and the ‘non-prodction robot for studio’ in the same machine?
In that case, how did you get it? Did you do this by making use of multiple windows sessions as my question earlier?

The customer that I work with would like try UiPath for few months. So they want to have very small setup as possible. i totally understand that it is recommended to have orchestrator on a different server. I have also done an orchestrator installation earlier in that fashion.

My question now is that “Is the above planned setup possible at all”? Or is there any technical limitation that could stop the setup?

I have studio installed in a server and orchestrator in another how can I have connection between studio and orchestrator so that the process in my studio is published to orchestrator

I havr same doubt.

This topic was solved? i install studio, robot and orchestrator in the same machine and I am not able to connect to orchestrator from the system tray I am even not able to edit the field of orchestrator url neither machone key nor press the botton connect.

Are you logged in as a local administrator? You can’t access the UiPath robot settings as a normal user.

Also in response to @saniyaka question, you need to register the robot on your Studio machine against the orchestrator instance, then projects will automatically push up to orchestrator when published.