How to fill in FTP parameters

Here’s a fictional example:Host: ,port:21 ,Username:“123” ,Password:“123”,how
should I fill in the parameters of the upload control and use it.I want your help.Thank a lot.

Hi @Gary.Li,

Have you at least tried to do it by yourself?

I don’t see any difficult on this as UiPath activities contains labels on their properties, so it wouldn’t be a problem for you identifying these fields. Please give it a try before posting something here.

PS: You will need to install de FTP package in order to have this type of activity. While in UiPath press CTRL + P or open the Packages Manager from the icon inside the activities Tab.


Search for it and install. Once you have it installed you will find the FTP activities and an activity specific for uploading files.


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Thank you for your reply.
In the case of confirming that the FTP address is available and that the appropriate package is installed, it is not known if the host format is incorrect or if the necessary parameters are missing.Hoping for your help.
Test results:

  1. Test connection
  2. Exception

You can verify your hostname and others arguments by using Filezilla as well.

One more thing for secure FTP port will be different From my perspective.check it once and if your url supports SSL then use s and with correct port most probably 22.
better to check first with filezilla.


Thank you for your inspiration, the previous question has been solved, but now I have a new problem.
The folder and the file in the same FTP path, “Directory exist” output true, but “Files exist” appears exception is what reason.
Test Result:
1.Test Connection:


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I’m trying to get the file from another computer’s drive which means shared path. Could you please suggest me to how to achieve this.