FTP Problems

UiPath 2018 and 2017 had some compatibility problems. Some UiPaths 2018 has FTP.Activities with this version: 1.0.6479.13206 and other UiPaths 2018 has this version: 1.0.6710.16240.

The first one (1.0.6479.13206) has already “TEST CONNECTION” button on it. but always appear this error: “An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine”

The second one (1.0.6710.16240) doens’t have TEST CONNECTION, and everything works into the “With FTP Session” activity, where you need to put the configuration AND everything works fine uploading files

There is some info about compatibilities? errors? of this Activities?

Please don’t reply with this:

The last version works. I’ve need to know info about compatibilities of the old versions. where to find it.

Thank you