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Forum reports

This document is part of our beginners guide.

This article will teach you how to make use of our custom Forum Reports.

This one is actually quite simple and requires two steps:

  1. Log in to your Forum account

  2. Navigate to this Reports page

(optional) If you are a regular member of the Forum (trust level 3), you will get access to more reports.

If you ever want to quickly get to these reports, we added a link to this topic from the Forum burger menu:


You will then be able to browse multiple interesting reports:

Notably, you could use this report to list topics from new Forum users, if you feel like helping out someone who is just starting their Forum journey :slight_smile:

Lastly, if you have a cool idea for new reports that would be useful to the community, let us know below :slight_smile:



This is Great :blush: and beneficial for new members.

Same like this - Can we have something where there are no answers to a question which was posted say last 48 hour and having views more than 40 or 50 indicating that the query is different / difficult and forum members are not able to help.

These queries then can be addressed directly uipath/ leaders .

Something on these lines.



Cool suggestion @mukeshkala

We actually had that Report already (minus the topic views) available for our Regular users (trust level 3), see here (you should have access to it):

This is the one you mentioned:

It’s improved now based on your suggestion (a new parameter was added to sort by minimum amount of views, setting it to 0 displays all topics without answer, setting it to i.e. 20 will display topics from 20 and more views).


Thank you @loginerror - that ws very Quick :slight_smile:

One more Query Here -

Where in the Forum i can visit this Page or I have to bookmark the Page ?

Clicking on Report Redirect to Trust Level 0 page as shown below -



Each trust level (or any Forum group in general) has their own Reports page, like so:
(I think the reports link only displays if there are any reports shared with that group)

Normally, you should be able to just go to the list of groups here:

And then go to the respective Trust Level group and then to Reports. Example of such page:

Now, two things:

  1. I think there is a bug and the trust level groups do not display on the Group page (we’ll dig deeper what is wrong there)
  2. Did I get it right → This link UiPath Community Forum navigates you to this place UiPath Community Forum? :open_mouth:

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