UiPath Forum Reports - Pinned tabs and Notification

The Forum report can be accessed by clicking the profile and the results will be shown as per your trust level. This is very helpful in getting the unanswered questions/posts list so that everyone gets the much needed response.

Just 2 suggestions to enhance this feature:

1. Pinging tabs in user homescreen to access Reports or any particular section:

There can be an option to pin the tab in the homescreen itself that can be clicked and the desired report is displayed.

This will be more visible and hence used more often by all members.

Currently I have bookmark the tab, but having in the homescreen would be better. And also this “Pinging desired section” can be applied to other areas too. Kind of like customized homescreen

2. Notification on Report:

There can be an option to get an notification (in forum or via email) with the details of number of posts which are unanswered in last 24 hours.

This can work on the same logic as that of “The Daily Forum Report”

Hope this makes sense and is something to think over for, may be with improvisation.

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Thank you for your feedback @rahulsharma!

I saved it for the future so we can schedule some things in our roadmap. It feels like ideally this functionality should come from Discourse itself while expanding on platform’s reports capability.

Although point 1 is a bit more tricky to implement, point 2 should be relatively easy to achieve :slight_smile: