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I am working on one SAP automation, in which we need to take each case id and date from Excel file and open that case id in Particular T-code then change the date,save the case.and So on.

i have implement on workflow it’s working fine but it took too much time when it complete the 1st iteration and going for next, to go to next it took about 10 sec delay. please check attached workflow file. (34.8 KB)

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Hi @dilsher_khan
Have we used any delay or element exists or any such activities along the loop
If not there won’t be any delay while being inside the loop
It can be due to third party application
Cheers @dilsher_khan


hi @dilsher_khan

I took a look at your workflow, I agree with @Palaniyappan input on the application delay probably!!!

Though I have an input on the same to fasten the same process, can you use workbook activity to read and use the item(1), item(2) in the for loop to decrease the time delay :slight_smile:

Hope this helps, Happy coding :slight_smile:


Thanks for reply! I have’t used any delay in activities, all activities are working fine but taking time only after completion of one iteration and get back to for loop to execute another item. yeah may be its because of sap. Please check workflow and suggest any improvement. @Shubham_Varshney ok I will use Workbook read activity.


Like always, you make sense!. :smile:

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@dilsher_khan At some websites or applications UIPath waits for whole load of application or website. meaning it will wait until whole Process is Done.
That’s the problem you are facing I think so that can’t be prevented as far as I know.
So just put a delay of few seconds to prevent UiPath bot for not to you know make mistakes in typing.


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Yes! Thankyou

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