Automation pause in SAP module till manual intervention

I see a strange problem when I run automation script which is for SAP.
Below are 2 issues :

  1. I am picking each ID from excel file and export some details in SAP as excel file. While clicking on SAP Menu it stops till I click on exact menu. But this behaviour is only sometimes. Most of the time it excutes for each ID without any issue. But for some ID (different in different run) it has this problem.

  2. While export to excel during entering complete path of export file (xls) sometimes it misses out “C:” due to which error pops up as invalid file. This behaviour is also for some ID (different in different run)

Are these 2 issues related to one problem . In my script I am using one “Delay” activity for 5 second which is used just for exporting data into excel file. It halts at the time of export for 5 seconds and then proceed .
Please suggest.