Looking solution for Dynamic Delay in SAP activity

Hi, recently I have started learning UiPath RPA and I would like to automate my team process.
I have two questions for which I need assistance.

  1. I want to extract data from SAP transaction, before SAP extracts data Studio continues to run next activity and throws error as ‘UI Elements’ not found. I want 2nd activity to wait until 1st activity completed and provides result. I can use ‘Timeout’ option however i need dynamic time delay.
    For Example: I want to extract data from transaction FBL3N and it takes approx 15 mins of time. How to set delay time dynamically or any other option.

Secondly I want the studio to trigger outlook email with error code/error description when workflow throws error

thanks in advance.

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hi @Raja_G,

Use wait appear or wait vanish to determine the success of first activity.

and for alert via email, you can surround your activities with try catch and in catch block use send outlook mail activity.

Thank You
Shubham Pratap