Delay when working with different applications


I need to work with different applications like Excel and SAP.
There will be a frequent transfer between two applications. But this creates a lot of delay in automation.

Example : I have performed some operation in the excel (under Excel application scope), now I need to open SAP(I have used Open application activity). It takes more than a minute to open.

This problem also exists when closing the applications.
Please do help me to minimize the delay.

Hi SaranyaKishore

Could you please share workflow? There are lots of parameters can cause delay like excel file size, Excel format, network issues, file locations. Even your description does not clarify what “Some operations” means.

if you can give more details it would be easy to analyze


Hi Pawanbag,

Due to confidentiality, I could not share the workflow.
The operations performed in Excel is “Save as” operation. Then I need to open SAP using Open Process activity.


Try to use start process instead of open application and check @SaranyaKishore Generally how much time will it take to open the application

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It has around 30-35 seconds delay before opening the application.
Opening the application is in another workflow and I have invoked that in the Main workflow. Is there possibility of delay because of Invoking workflow?

Invoke workflow is not the reason for the cause of delay,Did you check with start process activity?

I tried just now.
Thank you so much. It works very faster. :slight_smile:

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In the same way, does kill process works faster than close application?

Kill process is faster but Try to check with both activities

  • close application works only when the selector is visible whereas kill process kills all the opened applications with the specified processname @SaranyaKishore

Okay, thank you @sreekanth. I have used close application in my case but same as open application it causes delay.