For each excel sheets: RPC server is unavailable

Hi guys, i have a new error that im not sure how to fix this but everything in the for each loop activity which is copy n paste which works. I’ve look through other UiPath forums for this RPC server is unavailable and tried the solutions such as delay and kill process but it doesn’t work :frowning:

Do you guys know why?
My only possible consideration is because of me using two excel scope activities


Add a 1 second delay before the Excel Application Scope activity.

I discovered that you don’t actually have to delay your workflow, simply adding a delay activity, with the timer set to 00:00:00 it works :slight_smile:

Hi @chaitanya.kulkarni

Thanks for the tip. :smile:

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ohhh i been adding the delay with 3 seconds i nvr thought of 0

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Even tho i changed the delay to 0 the error still shows up :(((

Thanks guys i got it fixed by my own i tried another method of doing my for each loop and the one causing this problem is the close application activity.

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