How to set up exact time delay while Excel updating data?

Hello, I would like to ask for an advise:

My Excel report is updated with new data. It may take 30 seconds, but also 6 minutes or even more. It depends how many rows are there to be updated. My question - how to set up the flow so that robot will not wait unnecessarilly 6 minuts (set through delay activity), but would continue right when the report update is already finished?
I wanted to use Element exist, but there is no popup, nothing which is appearing or disappearing while updating the report. Only cursor is rounding… any idea please?

Thank you



where is it getting the new data? why not count the rows in this new data and once it has reached the end of the processing, you know you’re done

Hello ronanpeter, but how robot finds out that it is end of the processing?
(It takes data from SAP through Excel Analyses / Prompt)

Are you automating SAP for this or the robot is just working directly on this excel? Cant you look at this sap transaction to know when it ends? If not, then you might want to use a While loop that uses read range (from System->File->Workbook category) every 10 seconds just to get a row count, when it does not increase, you stop this loop and carry on with your process.