Fix Selector of dropdown Menu on Web

Hello all,
I am looking for a solution for my selector, it work one time and other time not working, it s a drop down menu of a webpage, like the picture ? can you help me fix that please?

Thanksdrop down

can we see the selector please?

yes it doesn’t want to shod html first tag here but on my laptop it exists

paste that selector here

open in UiExplorer and indicate on dropdown arrow and send the screenshot


thank you for your answer, i did it but it doesn’t fix the selector it work one time and then stop working, it doesnt recognise the selector the second time

Finally i had fixed the problem by just clicking on edit selector and click on Repair it take the right selector by cheking on idx and fix it every time it works, thank you.

i m obliged to work with google chrome because Uiexplorer doesn’t show all page element like “chrome” but finnaly i did it and it works with the method which i tried, thanks a lot

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