Using UiExplorer on hover/active web element

I need to check and use a web element that is just visible when you click into it and typing something. If you now leave the browser and click the UiExplorer, it is not dropping down anymore.

So how can I let the dropdown open when I investigate with the UiExplorer?

See: image

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Hi @kwoxer

I don’t know if I understand your question well, but try pressing F2, it pauses so you can click and enable the menu

@kwoxer - While you are trying to indicate the required element, press F2 key, which will pause for few seconds, during which you can select the drop down to appear.

F2 does not work. F8 works in Chrome, but then UiStudio does not work either in Chrome.

How you are doing this in detailed steps please.

The idea behind this is, that the website is sometimes very slow.

So when I give in some input, the dropdown needs up to 10 seconds to arrive. So I would like to check if the dropdown element has already arrived with the Element exists activity.

Isn’t there no solution for this? I mean the WaitForReady.Complete does not work properly.