Issue with selectors / position

I encounter the following issue. The flow works correctly on one user, but started failing on another user (that worked ok for a couple of weeks), on the same machine, with the same browser.
Using the highlight option, I can see the element is “seen” on a different position.
Did anyone encounter this problem? How can it be solved?

Hi @c.ciprian

Which browser you are using? Chrome?


I’m using IE 11 and UiPath 2019.4.4

Yes it happened with me in the past while using chrome due to website layout and browser resolutions issues as well.

just use click and check with the selectors where it is clicking and then try to inspect element.


Please do following:

  • tell us which element is to click
  • indicate the element again with UiExplorer
  • post screenshot of application and UiExplorer with expandend selector options (right pane) here

With this we can help you to strengthen up the selector to get more specific

Hi C.Ciprian

If you are using selectors and the position of the element is varying, please use wildcards like if the selector has some element like UE1, use UE* to make it dynamic

Sarthak Gulati

Weird issue… I have finally solved it by clearing the cache of the browser…

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