Finding Date in Calendar

I am trying to select a given day in a calendar using the click activity. I have it so
it scrapes the month and then clicks the next arrow if the calendar is not sitting on the required month.

I run into an error as the 1st of February is shown in January ( Last Saturday in January)

when you click next to come in to February it starts on the 3rd.

This error will occur every time i require the last few days or first few days in the month.

The table is image based and cannot be converted to a datatable.

Thank you in advance!

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So you should start at the last month if the day you want is like < 2…

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Thank you, but that won’t work for every instance only my example instance.
For example here the calendar starts on the 30th and says March when really it only March for 2 days and then the rest is April.

Nothing will work always, i mean you start by searching the day in last month, if not found you go to next month…

Yes, but in my second example I have given, if the date we are looking for is the 2nd of April ( which we can see here int he march calendar) the robot will go to the next month, to get April along the top. Once it has done this it will look for the number 2, which it can then select, but this will mean the robot will be selecting the 2nd of May, as we can see the 2nd of April here in the march spread. Do you understand now?

I do understand, but you do have the title of the calendar that has which month it starts, so you can use that too in your logic…