Click on date in calendar

Hi, would like to click on a specifik date in a we calendar. The problem is that when I want to click eg “28” the robot picks the first 28, which is the of feb and not of mar. I can´t use “type into” because that function is not available.(Would have been an easy solution) The selector is indicating either the whole calendar or only one date when I am indicating on screen.
I have tried click text with mark section (f3) with no success. Any idea of how to solve this?

What does the selector look like?

hi @roy_r
this is the selector of today:
html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘&frankly’ /
webctrl class=‘ms-choice’ isleaf=‘1’ idx=‘1’ /
nav up=‘1’ /
webctrl class=‘datepicker datepicker-dropdown dropdown-menu datepicker-orient-left datepicker-orient-bottom’ isleaf=‘0’ /


Hello ringan,

Is that the selector that you have chosen though, what other options are available when you use UI Explorer, there maybe something else there, might be worth showing us a picture of the options if you can fit it all on. What is the website you are visiting that has the calendar control?

the site is
I tried to modify the selector going for table row togheter with an if-activitiy. But still no sucess…

html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘&frankly’ /
webctrl tag=‘TABLE’ class=’ table-condensed’ isleaf=‘0’ /
webctrl tableCol=‘*’ tableRow=‘7’ tag=‘TD’ /

What about this - looks like it does work without any problems

I have no trouble picking any date either. But when you as my first pic have the of feb in the mar table, it pick the first “29” and not the one at the bottom, wich is the one i want… It means the robot click on the first 29 it will find in the table, wich in this case will be the of feb and not the mar.

Oh I understand now

Just tried it again and it seems to pick the second 28th for me (see the red square that UI Explorer has highlighted when I change the day in the selector manually)

Do you need to use the month name and year in the selector maybe

Even if I take the month out of the selector it works

Hi, I think the problem is that I want the robot to click a date defined by the user. I have an input field asking for dates, and when clicking the calender i use “Click text” activity. Then it starts to look for the choosen date and always stops at the first found…

Ok so use the Click activity instead modifying the day element in the selector with a variable.