How to Automate Date Picker

Hi all,

I have a scenario where i have to select the dates from date panel as below .Not sure how i can automate this can someone please help.

Unable to find the proper selectors.
There is no option to directly enter the dates also.

One Solution i have in mind is check for month by using element exist and if the matching month is found either by pressing the previous or next button.
Once i find it i can send a click activity to the required date.

Please let me know if there is any better approach than this.



If you can able to type the date

Use Type Into activity and type the date instead of selecting from Date picker.



Start and End dates are static? if those are dynamic its difficult to select the date.


not possible to enter the date.

i get the dates from different source hence they are dynamic every time.

Hi @JITU99

is there any other option available in date type drop down

Check it once if any option available there to change the type and type the date something like that.



The only way which you mentioned that could be work in this case. instead of that we don’t have any other way to choose the date.

But the thing is how many times you will click on that red marks. and also how your bot will know to choose the correct date?

Have you tried all the possible ways?

or else use send hotkey(CTRL+F)->This will open one text box and try to provide the date. if the find option gives you the correct date use like this.

After send hotkey one find pop text box will appear use type into and pass the value(Dynamic).