Issue with choosing the date

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I want to click on October 1 and October 30 to select Date Range as Oct 1 to Oct 30 but the bot is picking near by 30 whereas if i choose october 31, it correctly picks that. Can anyone help me with this?


Can you type into that field “2022-11-12”? or it is blocked from input? If you can type into it, then it is simple with 2 “Type into” activities. The other way to get to the website with the data you want to display: If the link to that data is a constant and only variable are “date from - to” then you can go directly to that webpage with Variable(date from and date to) in the link. I do these when 1 or another method can’t be used.

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Thanks Dawid, we can’t input in that field and the link is not constant one. Each and every time I’ll change the date that has to be selected. The click activity has a dynamic variable which gets input from the user.

Modify the selector and set aaname= 31

I’ve modified the selector and the aaname is assigned with dynamic variable.

If the selector itself is correct but not clicking in the correct position you could try adjusting the cursor offset(X-Y axis) in properties.

Lets say you want to be able to change those dates easly. Use 2 click, both with variable (*) aaname or whatever the selector is. Then use two input dialogue to pass the desired dates OR if you want to automate it figure some rule out to pass the day into the variable. Beware that if the day is clicked at the moment of finding the selector it may give an error when it is not clicked.

I solved this issue, I modified the selector by including parentclass=‘available’ tablerow=‘*’ aaname=‘{{dynamicvariable}}’

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