Selecting date in datepicker

Hi Folks,

I have a real quick, I am trying selecting a date from the calendar but when I am doing it with some approach it is selecting the date which is next 20th date of what I am trying to select. It is good in debug mode but not in run mode. Please help!

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Can you be more specific on the issue.

While debugging its working fyn but while running its not?

Put some delay :slight_smile: … Or please elaborate more

Hi Guys,

I have made the use of date of row and column to select the date of my choice and making the month as * in the selector property of the click activity. It is fulfilling the purpose.

Basically I wanted to select a date of previous month corresponding to today’s date. I was using type into activity I was passing Today.AddMonths(-1) as short date string but of no use. It was always showing me 12/26/2019 (MM/DD/YYYY). it did select the right one but I am not sure why in a fraction of second it gets changed to the one I mentioned above.

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yeah it was good in debug mode but not while running it.

though JFYI I have made use of some other approach. I have added the comments below.\

Thank you!!