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I’m facing an issue with calendar date. for some websites to enter any date type into activity works. But what if some websites doesn’t work for type into activity to write date. It shows only calendar symbol, where we select date manually. How can we automate that? Please help me with this


Please check this…


hello @ramshiva_reddy
As per my knowledge in that case try to use click and provide some select item for month and year and then try to select date by using click activity.
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Hi @ramshiva_reddy ,
You can try : How to select dates from a Date Picker with UiPath - Full Tutorial - YouTube

Hi @ramshiva_reddy

Check out this thread

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Hi @ramshiva_reddy

First click on the date field to bring up the date picker, you would amend the selector (aaname) to make it a variable, inside a click activity to select the relevant date.

You can use UiExplorer to understand more the fine tuning of the selector to make sure you pick the correct one.

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