Find text in web page and checkbox next to it

Please, if you can help me I want my robot to look for a text (of an excel file) in a web page and then checkbox next to it

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You have to get a selector and use a variable in that to identify the text you are looking for in that webpage.

  1. Read the excel using Excel application scope activity and Read range activity
  2. Use Element Exist activity with a dynamic selector (Using a Variable to identify a dynamic text in a web page) - Pass the excel column value to be identified in the page
  3. Check the CheckBox selector as well and go with that

Thanks for your fast reply, i appreciate

I tried to follow the steps, but i’m note sure i did understand the second step, i never used the dynamic selector, could you please show me how i can do it by images or a video to help me urdestand faster

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Hi @kaoutar_abacli

can you show the selector for the checkbox ?

we can do it dynamizing and integrated anchoring. Have a look here:

For CheckBox try using CHECK activity
When you see the selector for the check box, you can find its field name available in it. You can replace that text with the selector variable.


Thanks for your replies,

Here is a screenshot from the browser where is a whole list of data

What i’m trying to do is the following : Search if the copied data from Excel matchs the yellow text, if yes, then check the box .


should be possible with the integrated anchored and dynamized on Loansxx value selector.

assign the text from excel in a variable say optionA
Use a click activity inside an attach browser.
Instead of indicate element on screen, use the options to open in UIExplorer
Indicate any option
Make sure the following are selected on selected items on the top right

  1. role as checkbox
  2. select aaname
  3. then on the bottom box where the actual name appear, double click it, right click, choose assign variable and assign to your variable (optionA) in our example.

You can remove the other options.
Click and save and you should be good to go.

I hope this works. and choose as answer if it works.


Thanks a lot for your answer
After creating the ‘click activity’ , When i click open UIEXPLORER , nothing appears , i don’t know where should i click options , here’s a screenshot

Thanks in advance, i’m confident that you’ll help me pass this challenge!

You need to indicate one of the options here

Even when I indicate an anchor, neither the “aria-role” and “aaname” appear in the list of selected and unselected items.
And when I tried to define them, the button shows that the selector is invalid

Its Okay. So long as the it was okay before you assigned, it should work. Assign the variable a default value then test activity, it should work.

Incase the choice you want to select does not change, then don’t assign the variable

Hi @kaoutar_abacli ,

Can you show us what the value is stored in the variable of NumTiersGrant and screen shot of UI Explorer indicate to the value in the checkbox.

Here is the variable I’ve defined :

And when I tried to indicate the box to check, this error appears :

It’s done but when I executed the robot I have this error :


what value is there in the row(11).ToString and provide the screenshot like below without assigning any dynamic value in the selector.

In the 11th row, I have this value : LOANS/01666859001021030217

And here is a screenshot before assigning the variable :