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I have to match the text in excel with the text in the form on webpage and click on the checkbox beside it. The checkbox cannot be checked if I click on the text. The number of checkbox is unknown. I cannot use anchor base as I cannot change the selector in anchor base since the website address changes. I have tried using CV screen scope but it cannot select checkbox dynamically.

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Use the check activity for checking radio buttons and checkboxes

Hi @felicia

I think as per @nv08 said u can use check activitiy for this

But in selector part u need to make sure that it should be dyanmic. I will explain this part step by step for this . for demonstartion i used the website
Forms : Check Box - HTML Tutorial for checkbox selection. You can see three checkbox options as below

Now use check activity and inidicate any checkbox corresponding to any name. Say for example, i had selected the checkbox corresponding to name Milk.

Now opened the from there opened uiexplorer for showing the selector of indicated area.

now in that selector i add a attribute value, giving the name whose checkbox u need to select. Fo eg, i need to select Butter so i put value attribute as Butter.
see the pic below

Selector :

 `<html app='chrome.exe' title='Forms : Check Box - HTML Tutorial' /><webctrl name='option*' tag='INPUT' type='checkbox' value='Butter' />

(Please note i put a option* since option1,option2,option3 etc will be coming when selecting the different checkboxes, so making it dynamic by *)

If u highlight using the modified selector u can see it is pointing towards the Butter checkbox.

Why we are using value attribute in this selector?

The reason is its html structure. In the webpage, u can see its checkboxes html source as below

So when u select the milk checkboxes value stored will be Milk like that…

So in ur case, u need to find the value of checkbox corresponding to each name by following the html structure.

So in this way u can select the checkbox according to name.

Hope it helps you

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