Finding then Clicking text displayed on web page

Hi everyone, I am trying to find a way where I can search the page for some text like Access Control and so on, then if the text has been found, click it. I have used check app state but that ends up making a lot of duplicates as I need to look for all those entries individually.

So basically I just need guidance on how I can use a for each or some other method in order to eliminate duplicate code.

Have you tried using Click text Activity


Can you do a data scraping on your data then iterate on category name to see if the one you want is disponible ?
If he is you can use a click activity with dynamic selector maybe ?

I have seen there is a Click OCR Text activity. The problem is that this activity does not find the text if I indicate a section on the UI I want it to look at like this:

If I specifically indicate that text it does click it but ultimately that defeats the purpose because then I would have to do that for every element I want it to click on instead of creating a variable and iterating through it like that.

I have checked and aparantly you will need to select the first and last field on the applicatiion, but the data is not always generated in the same order. And the data can be deleted and so on. This being said I will read up about it and give it a try and see if it ends up working

Click Text activity should work you just need to ensure that you have indicated the correct element that actually contains the data as some elements on a webpage look like they should contain the data but they are actually just there for looks and is part of the background

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Can you please check whether its a Table element or not? If its a table can you try with Data extraction or table extraction.

Also, use Uiexplorer to inspect any 2 elements in that table and share the selector here. If you can do that maybe static selector can be convertewd to dynamic to meet your requirement.


It is a data table yes. Thank you very much for the video reference I will have a look at it and get back to you on if it worked out.

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