How to click on hyperlink in a web application/web page


I am a beginner of UIPATH and working on program to create work order tickets in servicenow with input from excel.

I was successfully able to create the ticket. - first step.

I have to click on hyperlink in a webpage. The name of the hyperlink keeps on changing but the position of the hyperlink will remain same. How can click into it ignoring the text?

I have tried few suggestions which I gone through the Forum FAQs but could not get my problem solved.

for security reasons, I can not provide with the file!

Use the wildcard character * in the selector .for example if aaname=WOTO2420590 ,use wildcard character like aaname=*

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You can use wildcards(* or ?) depending on your situation.
Moreover, you can use UIExplorer to fine tune your selector.
Else, try implementing the concept of dynamic selector. The tutorial for it is available in academy.

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Thank you for your response @Ashish_Verma @Kavitha_M .

I have tried using wildcard * but the click activity is working on different position than the mentioned.

Please see the screenshots below and let me know

Also, I have used activate activity and the used click Activity.

Could you please try with Click Image or Click Text Activity along with attach browser activity?

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thank you @Ashish_Verma will try and get back to you!

Thank you @Ashish_Verma

I used UIExplorer and to select row,column locations and enter wildcard(*) as parent id.

It worked fine!

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Hi @Ashish_Verma,

finally stock at the last step in writing the text into the excel. i am getting the below error in write cell activity.

Write Cell: The given key was not present in the dictionary.

screenshots below…

Current_row = Mydata.rows.indexOf(row) + 2

Cell = “D”+Current_row.ToString


is there a problem with variables?

Change the variable type of generic value to appropriate type(String).
Generic value should not be set as it is not a good practice.

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