Filter excel having filter option in column

Hi ,

I have an issue while filtering excel column which has filter option.

So please help me out.

Thanks in advance…


Ashwini Pundkar

exactly what issue you are facing?


I want to filter on basis of Bank(3rd row).


are you using send hotkeys directly on excel???

if yes then goto that cell and then use alt+down so dropdown will appear then press E so u can then able to write the in search box of filter

else you can use invoke VBA in which u can automate without any hotkeys and it will be faster too

Thanks for Reply…

No, I am not using Hotkey. I want excel should get filter in background.

You can directly use hotkeys so u will able to add filter or use invoke VBA it wil be more helpful

Okays…And How it will b implemented using Hotkey.

Use send hotkey activity in which you can apply any hotkeys. u need to indicate that excel screen