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I have a small problem. I have an excel file where I simply want to add a filter to all my columns. Firstly I don’t want to put a certain condition into the filter but just the option to filter with the toolbar (see screenshot, it is just a simple example). Can anybody help me out?

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Can you tell in simple what is your requirement.

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What do you mean by that? :sweat_smile:

You can use filter activity , what’s problem u r facing.

The Filter Table activity needs the tablename which I am not allowed to include and the Filter Table activity needs a condition which you can see in the screenshot. I don’t want to include a condition. I just want to have the filter option with the little arrows in the columns. You know when you are in a cell and then press Filter in excel the arrow shows up. That is what I need. Do you understand it now? :smiley:

Go to one of the cells, type ctrl+shift+L. That should create a filter on-top of the datatable within Excel. Is that what you want to achieve?

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Yes that is what I need. This is what I want to automate in UiPath. How can I Make this possible?

I solved it quite inelegantly. I used the Click activity 3 times which worked out, but I don’t know if it works always and maybe there is a better solution. solution

I kind of gave you a solution :slight_smile:

‘Select Range’-activity to make sure you are within the datatabel
‘Send Hotkey’-activity to type ctrl+shift+l

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I tried it and nothing happens in the excel file. The cells I put in the range only get selected. Maybe I did something wrong I don’t know. Here is a screenshot.

Are you using a selector on your Send Hotkey-activity?
If yes: Something is probably wrong with the selector
If no: Set the Activate property to False

No I don’t. I set the Activate property to False and nothing happens. Not even the selection of the cells :sweat_smile:

If the Select Range is not working properly at the moment, you should focus on debugging that part.

If you need inputs, please provide us with screenshots of the Select Range-activity’s properties and for the Excel Scope-properties.

it looks like your are working with an Excel in German version.
So the localized Short cut is ctrl+shift+L

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