Error in Send Hotkey

I’m trying to filter values in a column in an excel workbook. First, I set up one filter (screen below), everything works.

When the robot performs a similar action, it breaks. It is not clear what is the matter, since the actions are similar

The selector is not correct. Also, why are you trying to filter in Excel?

I use the action repeatedly, the first time for one column it works, for the other column it doesn’t. Use activity “filter data table” is not suitable for this task

Why not? Why are you trying to filter in Excel?

Again, the error indicates that the selector is not correct or the UI Element does not exist. Use UI Explorer to fix the selector. Pay attention to whether the selector changes each time - this is not uncommon.

can you try with click activity in the h1 cell, then use the hotkey

Hey @yulya ,

Just wanted to check what use case you are trying to achieve here. Is it to have a filtered data table to add to a different sheet or to an email or what is the intention?


@yulya, I think is due to that a “windows” is opened when you click to filter. Is your selector in the the range of the windows displayed to filter? Try to check this!

@yulya I guess UI interaction for excel automation will not give good results. Can you explain what are you trying to achieve

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