How To Add Filter Excel Table

Hi all,

I want to add filter to excel table. How may i do that?

I want it seems like that:

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Use START PROCESS activity
And mention the file path of excel as input to Filename property
—this will open the file in foreground
—now use a send hot key activity with key as ctrl+g
—and use type into activity and mention the input as ”A1”
—now use a send hot key activity with key as enter
—then use a Send hot key activity with key as ctrl+shift+l

And this will add filter to all columns

Cheers @mazlumkacar

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thanks a lot but when i write ctrl+g in send hotkey, it doesnt work. am i writing it wrong?



Hi @mazlumkacar

Can you indicate the excel selector inside the hot key and ensure that you give g instead of G

Ashwin S

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