Excel Filter Sheet Send Hot Key Not Working


I need to apply a Filter (CTRL + SHIFT + L) to an entire Worksheet within Excel for subsequent use by the end User.

However the Hot Keys do not appear to be working as the Filters are not seen to turn on when running interactively

Any assistance


Hi @gary.cobden

Try like this :
Need to open the excel file , after that use Send Hotkey activity and indicate on the screen (Excel) then use the


Hi @gary.cobden ,

Could you try with a lower-case L instead?

I kept it uppercase in the answer because a lower-case L looks like an upper-case I and I didn’t want to confuse you with that.

And now we are both confused :laughing:

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

@gary.cobden Are you trying to use hotkeys with the selector related to it ?