Issue in filter data table

I need to extract data from a web application and export it to a data table. There are 4 columns and the number of rows will vary. after extracting it to data column i need to further filter the 4th column . the actual scenario is that the web application is a service desk application where i am extracting tickets based on 3 filters. and then i need to filter the 3rd column again and then i will get the exact number of tickets on which i need to work. Can anyone help me with this one?

give a first try on the filter datatable activity

for more specific questions some more details on the data and the filter criteria would be helpfully for adressing the task more individually

I have already used this filter data table activity but i am facing an error that says that the value for argument Column Name is not set or invalid . I am directly giving the name of the column that i have used in the build data table activity . what to do now? @ppr

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often a blank after the Value in the excel causes that a column name is not recognized.

  • check for this in Excel and do correction
  • use columnindex instead of column name

but i am not using excel . i am extracting data from the web application using the http activity and then i am using build data table and ported the entire data in that through add data row activity. After that i am using filter data table activity to filter it further. I have also checked values in data table through message box. the values are correct there.@ ppr

the fastest help for us would be following:

  • a screenshot of the debugview (expanded datatable ) of the datatable at the state before you would do the filtering
  • screenshot of the build datatable settings (editor view)


i am getting this error in filter data table : the value for argumnt column name is not set or invalid.
do we need to create an argument for column name here ?@ppr

i am not using any excel here. i am directly transferring data to data table by using build data table activity and add data row activity .after that i am using filter data table activity .@ppr

@Ankita121 Is it possible for you to show the Screenshots of your workflow? Or of Filter Datatable Activity ?

its solved now . I have used .net function instead of using this activity @supermanPunch,@ppr

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