Fill Values Based on the Excel Values

Dear team,
can you help to achieve the excel like automation like below
1st table sheet is what need to be automated in a way like in second sheet.
Kindly assist.


if required i can send the file.
please help!


Welcome to the Community!

Can you please share the file and also confirm if the input excel would have the colours by default?

Yes venkat

But colors are not unique always

please find the attached sample file.

ui path doubt.xls (42.5 KB)

Hi @Nabeel_Ahamed,

Please see attached a sample workflow that reads the excel, creates two additional columns (“City” and “Hospital”) on the input table and sets the city and hospital/cliinic names on the relevant rows.

MergedCells.xaml (16.8 KB)

Hi @goodoldme,
Thanks but how do you print the output datatable in excel/csv because im getting error while doing it. image

Hi @Nabeel_Ahamed,

The input for Write Range should be a DataTable (dt_Test in the xaml that I shared earlier) and not strTable as it’s a String

thanks @goodoldme
it worked but only one last thing.

in my proposed sheet i dont want to display and headers again and again.
please see the below screenshot
rest everything is fine except headers which needs to be removed after first occurence

Hi @Nabeel_Ahamed,

I suggest you give it a go and give a shout if you face any issues.

how can i fill the web form from the excel data values
1- Iterating using for each through excel data
2-stored the values in variable using Row.Item(“Column-name”).ToString

now how will i fill the value in web form… how should i click on the exact element in the form

Next time please open your own topic as your issue is not the same as Nabeel_Ahamed :grin:
To fill the value in a web form, use Attach Browser activity (to attach the Browser tab of the web form), and inside Attach Browser activity drag & drop a Type Into activity and use indicate element to indicate the field to fill in
type into