Filling data from excel in to the website

Hey guys. Thanks in advance. i hope i’ll get solution from you ppl. let get in to the question. i’ve a excel sheet containing data. i wants to fill this data in to a website. once look in to this
the bot should fill the data which is in my excel sheet.
what i’ve done so far is

  1. read the excel sheet using read range activity browser activity
  2. i used type into activity (here it taking the input from particular excel sheet but bot didn’t worked well here.)
    guys if you’ve time i’ll attach excel and xaml file. please look in to it. and do needful.
    FWD.xlsx (9.8 KB)
    fwd from excel.xaml (40.2 KB)

thanks and regards


Use CLICK Activity before TYPE INTO
Please check the selector in the TYPE INTO activity

Thanks for your response. i tried with click activity which is not working. and also first i tried with click(I tried to change aaname inside the edit selector but no use) after that i used Type into(it is also not working well)


I try with your workflow. It’s working well.

Can you change the BROWSER TYPE

Sure. i’ll do that


Let me know the status, once you got it.

I tried it in edge. still getting the same. didn’t worked well

Year is in the dropdown, you are using TYPE INTO Activity.
Sample Step Instead of TYPE INTO Activity

  1. CLICK Activity
  2. FIND TEXT POSITION (Output variable)
  3. CLICK (Where you need to give element in the target as output variable)

Keep delay After as 2000 not 200 also enable click before

i got you. i tried just now which you’re mentioned. but i’ve a doubt. in year drop down where should i need to indicate the cursor(i try to indicate on the year name). but still it is not working.
and i’ve one more doubt regarding storing the values. means in Carmake bot is typing using type into activity but i’m confusing that the value which i stored in the excel it is not storing after performing the bot.
how to keep that value in first type into activity(Carmake).
please help me in that. much appreciated


I am Written an Activity only for Year and Marital status Field.
You can go ahead with the rest of the Field.
Here is the workflow
fwd from excel.xaml (37.6 KB)

Check it and let me know

Hi @Gokul001
It is working. And i’ll do the rest of them. but as i’ve mentioned yesterday. I am unable to store the values using type into activity could you please help me in that. if yes much appreciated. Thanks in advance


That is, an application issue.
In my opinion, can you intimate with a client
Then close this case. Mark as solved

Hi @Gokul001 Thank you so much for your help.
and may i know where should i indicate(click activity) on screen where you’ve used click activity?


-In the properties
Target → Selector → Ui Explorer → Indicate any element on the screen


Here you can see Innertext = Marital
Where Marital is a user-defined variable to select the marital status from the Excel file

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