Fill Web form with excel data

Good morning everybody,

So, i have this problem where i have to complete a web form with data of an excel file.
How can i do this? Example i have an excel file with a lot of information there but i just need to use 4 Columns to fill the form, i have column A with items code / Column B with Item Prices / Column C with shipping information and Column D with order Name…I need to fill the form with these information but the problem is that i have to do the same task with 10 different items in the same form and thats what i dont know how to do it.

Help pls

Use a For Each Row activity on your data then select the column you wish to get data from

In the For Each action place assign actitvities:

ItemCode = row.item(“ColumnA”).tostring
ItemPrice = row.item(“ColumnB”).tostring

Then write these to your web application and move to the next row


Hi @AlanSmill,

You can use Filter Data Table activity to filter the data and the use For Each Row and in the scope of for each you can invoke the workflow through which it can fill all the data in webpage.

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But i need to do the same like multiple times like thisimage

hello @AlanSmill
you can fill the form through iterate number of rows (in your case i.e 10) when one iteration is completed then navigate the same page using navigate activity then the second iteration and so on.
Hope it will help you.

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Hi @sandeep13,

Here are the steps:

  1. Read the Excel File using Read Range activity (it should be inside the excel application scope).
  2. Use a For Each Row. Use the data table output from the Read Range.
  3. Fill the web form using the row details using Type Into activity. e.g. row(“ItemCode”).ToString
  4. Complete your web form.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


So this is how far i am image

are my variables good?

yes @AlanSmill variables are good … you moving well after that fill the form with declared variable for each row as suggest by @Jan_Brian_Despi then complete web form.

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah …its useful



So its working but its having a problem where when it finish completing the form it goes over and over again doing the same like: Open again the browser/loggin/fill the form with only one row of the excel file then do the same filling the form with the second row etc etc

let see @AlanSmill will give actual feedback :wink:


image Like this
Its complete the form with the same row then reset and do the same but with other row etc

and i spected the form be complete with this infoimage

like row 1 with row 1 etc etc

this is the workflow i used:


after that is the open browser activity with the login info i wont post because of security issues. but after that this is what i have:


where did i fail?

make sure open browser activity not under for each activity and scope of variable access out side of for each.
this could be the reason for open browser again and again for each row

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one more doubt about you assign variable using “row.item(“Order”)”.its show correct value??

i used row(“Order”) only .not


in for each
once apply this and let me know

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Didnt work still doing the same, i need the open browser activity to interact with the variables.

I used row(“Observations”).ToString let me try with row(")

Now does this image
Bu doesnt reset the web its stop. one issue solved XD.

Now i need it to fill the 3 lines with 3 different rows like this

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let see second issue. once go through only for each activity and print variable value for every row


still stuck in this part tried different things but none work :'c (16.4 KB)

see the attach file .in this workflow i solved for each activity problem

i alert every row value

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