Fill the data into the website

Hi everyone,
Below is the scenario. For (2), I am using Excel application scope with read range but getting few errors. Can you please guide me the flow so that I can be able to understand it and finish it as well. Thanks in advance.

  1. Launch website
  2. Read the Transport.xlsx excel
  3. Click on Plan your Trip tab and update the data into the trip planner
  4. Click on Go
  5. Get the Options and fill the excel sheet with 5 options into the excel sheet
  6. Also fill the travel time and opal card fee for that trip
  7. Save the excel sheet

Hi Pranav,

Please share the errors that you are getting to assist you further. Once you extract the details from excel, you can go with web recording to perform the other operations mentioned above

This is the screenshot of the flow as well as error. Could you please guide me the flow?


Is it correct that you want to extract data from the excel sheet, and use the data as input to the website?

Please upload your workflow.

Hi Andreas,
Yes exactly…!! I would really appreciate you if you could guide me to solve this? Main.xaml (9.8 KB)

Hi ,
Looks like you forgot to pass datatable variable (dtTransport) in Read Range output property .:blush:

It is working properly. Thanks. I really appreciate it.

Hello All,
I have been trying to solve this but I’m getting stuck at few stages. Could you please guide me to solve this? I’m uploading the xaml file as well. Steps are mentioned in the topic already.
Thank you in advance.
Main.xaml (43.0 KB)


Please elaborate what issue you are facing now?



It is taking the data from Excel file and entering it. But after getting the options, i’m not able to fill the excel sheet (i.e. I’m stuck at 5,6 and 7.) I’m uploading the excel file for your reference.
Transport.xlsx (9.9 KB)


I tried to execute your xaml file but coming across few issue. I can suggest to try out “Element Exists” activity. It returns true or false value, depending on the existence of a specific element, where you can check if any of the UI Element in search result exists and then can proceed with the rest of the flow of collecting Option & Opal card fee etc.

Please let us know if it works.