Fill in excel form, taking data from specific web pages

I have a job to do.
Enter a web panel, composed of several tabs (page)
which I have to browse to collect some data.
Not all. (scraping all)
but only those useful for filling out, the form in excel.

I have to search data from the web, (column A)
and fill in the related excel cell (column B) assigned to that value.

The list of values is arranged vertically.

Anyone have a script that I can adapt , on which I can work and understand the instructions?

Main.xaml (8,5 KB)

For now, I have done this.
Very trivial. I know.
However, I know how to navigate environments (web pages), I know how to take the “attributes” that I need.
I don’t know how to write them on the table, and at end, export to excel…