Field Selection Problem

Hi UiPath Community,

Im trying to select a field after typing a number

But the selector doesn’t seem able to recognize the field

The variable BKKExist is the outpout of the element exist

Can anyone help, have an idea how to do it ?

Thanks in advance

Can you check if selector is changing when you run the bot or share the selector for Element exists

@tharuler By looking at your selector the ParentiD/Title at last can also change as it is dynamic , Try using UIexplorer and get the static selector for that element

You can provide me the link for that i will get the selector for you


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you can’t access the link without being part of my organization, can you please explain the steps to follow?

Keep a 3 second delay before element exists … what happens when you start the bot it immediatly starts searching if it not found it gives false.

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Open Ui-Explorer from UIpath present under Tools, From Ui-Explorer , use indicate on screen and select that element which you want to get the selector then , share the screen shot of Ui-explorer of what element it get

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Hi @Krishna_547 thanks for your answer, i already have one 5s delay

make the title tag dynamic

If you see the selector from before and after , the ParentID , inbetween the numbers are changing
When you select <WebCtrl Partentid= ‘typehead-613-1290-option-0’'> line from Top , on Right side there will be different attribute present which you can use…
Like remove the checkbox next to parent id and add checkbox next to name or title


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thanks you @shanmukh_pothamsetty that’s working

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