Web Selector Issue


Robot has to type into the current location text box (from an excel sheet that contains data) and after typing the robot has to select the checkbox based on the input location name given .

This is what i have done . I have given aaname as a dynamic selector

Its not working . Can anybody provide a fix for this ?

Buddy did you try with send hot key with enter as input once you typed in the input from excel, the reason if the field takes the input by typing, then it can enter key as well

Try this buddy, that would work


Hi @itsahmedfiroz,
Your dynamic selector is wrong. This is know bug.
Please check this:

Eventually if you are using Community Edition you can right click in UIExplorer on the place where you want to use variable and you will have two options for Choose or Create variable :wink:

The hotkey functionality doesn’t work . Manually too if I’m typing the location and hitting “Enter” key it doesn’t work.

Alright buddy @itsahmedfiroz were you able to select the element of that checkbox alone

If so kindly use click activity and click on that check box alone,once after that go to its selector and change the aaname alone with the variable buddy and set that as target element buddy


Instead of using aaname and innertext, try to just use the innerhtml attribute.


Bruno Costa.