Selectors Issue

Hi Friends,
I am working on a website and performing automation on it there I am getting an selectors issue(Website is not stable) in between selectors there value changes continuously(I have tried wildcard & Incrementing variable also) suggest me what else I can do these in this situation.

Thanks in Advance.
Ashish Pandey

Can you please show us the how selector looks like? @ashish.pandey0920


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In Parent id there is struc:8: here values changes
i.) I have used variable which hold the value like these


Have you try to replace struc:8: by * if it’s the only thing that changes ?

yes its not working

You don’t have the properties like innertext and aaname?

You can see this using opening the UiPath Explorer.

No it does not have properties like these

Did you check with UiExplorer?

Can you please send the screenshot of UiExplorer

Hi @ashish.pandey0920 ,
Check in your uiexplorer window right side panel to add any more attributes


Hi i have get these
now u can in parent id struc value is changed
@arivu96 @shreyash_shirbhate @Constant_Roux

Have you try to unselect “parentId” and select aaname for example ?

not yet

Please include aaname and innertext from the right side of the panel.

and try to remove the dynamic part. @ashish.pandey0920