Facing problem in GetTransactionData.xaml in Client Security Hash Assignment


In Client Security Hash Assignment, I have completed till extraction of data table from acme-test website for Type=WI5.

I have converted the rows into Data table in extract_work_item_data_table.xaml workflow using following statement:
WI_DT.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ AND Status=‘Open’”).CopyToDataTable()

I have passed this data table as OUT argument from extract_work_item_data_table.xaml workflow.

My problem is how I will access this data table in GetTransactionData.xaml workflow, and how will I access each data row for processing??

Please help.

Create an In Argument of type datatable and assign the value Wi_list.You can use for each row and access each row item (or)You need not copy it to datatable.Let it be array of datarows so that you can process each row by incrementing it’s values @s.praachi

I created the OUT Argument WI_List of type Datatable in extract_work_item_data_table.xaml workflow, and printed the count of data table rows in log message.

Have also created WI_List OUT Argument in InitAllApplication.xaml to get value form OUT argument of extract_work_item_data_table.xaml workflow.

But this log message is throwing following exception:

This Datatable is not accessible after extract_work_item_data_table.xaml workflow.

That’s what I am saying Create an IN Argument DT_In and assign Wilist variable then you can get values @s.praachi

IN argument must be created where??? In InitAllApplication.xaml ??
Sorry for bothering @sreekanth . getting confused. :neutral_face:

Can somebody please help. I am stuck here.

I am getting length of data row array in extract_work_item_data_table.xaml. Then I am sending this array as OUT argument and receiving its value in variable- WI_Data_Rows (DataRow).
But I am not getting any returned value in this variable, and getting following error: