Facing issues during automating Salesforce website

We are facing issues during the automating website of Salesforce. We are not getting the proper selectors and we have to rely only on the image automation. But we have observed that after every couple of days there is slight change in the font size, font color or image on the website. Because of this behavior of the website, BOT is getting stuck and we are continuously having to re-indicate the element.

Want to understand what is the best possible approach to automate such kind of website or how to handle these issues.

Appreciate the response.

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Welcome to uipath community
I hope you must be accessing through a browser
If so when IE is used we will be surely able to access the individual elements for sure in Salesforce

if we are accessing via chrome extension we could be able to access each individual element if CHROME EXTENSION is installed

If we are trying to automate in a CITRIX environment we got these many options like
CITRIX environment
—first is IMAGE based automation like CLICK IMAGE, FIND IMAGE activity, SEND HOT Key activity and many more can be used when automating Citrix process
—second is we can use COMPUTER VISION activities which was specially made to do automation in a image based process or environment
For more details on this

Then finally we got CITRIX EXTENSION and if that is enabled and installed we would be able to select the element as individual elements

Cheers @TejalS