Suggest any Innovative Project Using UIpath

Hi Team,

I want to do something innovative project in UI Path.

So Please suggest me for any good ideas.

Thanks in Advance.


Try to do citrix automation using images.

Okay @kalyanDev

Thank You!!!

Am not aware of Citrix Image automation.

Can you plz explain In detail?

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we got lot of options to do automation with CITRIX environment
—first is IMAGE based automation like CLICK IMAGE, FIND IMAGE activity, SEND HOT Key activity and many more can be used when automating Citrix process
—second is we can use COMPUTER VISION activities which was specially made to do automation in a image based process or environment
For more details on this

Then finally we got CITRIX EXTENSION and if that is enabled and installed we would be able to select the element as individual elements

And this is regarding Citrix
But I would suggest you to go for UIPATH CONNECT where we can find amazing and fascinating projects which are in progress
Where we can collaborate with them and do that project
For more info on this

Cheers @MexaJames

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Thank You Man @Palaniyappan :slight_smile:


Cheers @MexaJames