Where can I download the newest UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities for offline UiPath Enterprise Edition

Hi, I am using 2019.4.4 enterprise edition but it is within a non internet environment. It is using UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities v19.4.2 but it is not able to do detect a webpage element (highlighting a whole screen instead when I do “indicate on screen”). Previous 2018 version can detect it. Hence I like to try updating to a newer version of UIAutomation.Activities to see if it resolve the issue but I cannot find it on the web.
Can anyone help on this?

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usually Uipath.UiAutomation.Activities will be there in the dependencies by default when a project is created
–i hope we need to install the chrome extension and you must have installed in previous machine while still havent with this new one
install chrome extension and try to access the elements in the webpage if CHROME is used


kindly try with IE browser where we dont need to install any extension and there we will be able to detect all elements

if still we are not able to detect then we can use COMPUTER VISION ACTIVITIES

Cheers @IAB_DA

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Hi, thanks for the suggestions but I had already tired chrome and Internet explorer before posting, both similarly cannot select the exact element but instead highlight the whole screen of the browser when I try to use “indicate on screen”

For the AI Computer Vision it needs to redo all the coding of existing programs which we cannot afford to do due to cost and time issues.

I think there is a UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities v19.7 version. Do anyone know where can I download it?

Alright so you can update that in design tab → Manage Packages → Project dependencies → there we can find this package and we can update that

Cheers @IAB_DA

My UiPath Studio reside in a non-internet environment (totally no internet access) and hence it cannot do update through the normal way. Can anyone advise on how to do an update in this case? Thank you.

Then if we have the package file then we can place that file the folder C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages so that I will get reflected in the uipath package dependencies

But we need the package file to be placed
Cheers @IAB_DA

Noted. But where can I download the package file? I tried to search and cannot find a link on this.

I think we need Internet for that either

Can I like download the npukg file (if given the link to download) then after that I can transfer the file via thumbdive to the non-internet machine

Yah of course
Cheers @IAB_DA

Can anyone advise on the link to download the npukg file? Thank you.

Does that machine have studio
If we install from there manage packages option and the get the file from the folder in that system and use here
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Unfortunate, due to license constraint, I cannot install any more enterprise version. Will appreciate if someone can attach the file here or give me a link to download the file. Thank you.

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we can get from here

Cheers @IAB_DA

You can find them here : workflow - UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities 21.8.0-preview | MyGet


I installed UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities v21.2.0-preview but on DESIGN tab still not show Data Scraping and Screen Scraping tab on ribbon. What is wrong with me? do anyone can help me?