UiPath With FTP Session Activity for FTP Connection

Need help to understand how does this UiPath “With FTP Session” really works in establishing a connection to an FTP Server?

Do we need to provide details for the “Security” details like- Client Certificate Password and Path?

I have declared the User name and Password and also the Host and Port.

Anything else need to provided?

Whatever u mentioned those four things are enough for establishing, also u can check SecureFTP option.

Hi, Thanks for the response.

I have enables SFTP as well. But the file is not getting uploaded in the destination.

I have used Upload file as well.

Anything else can be done? And I think in the latest 3.2 version, there is no Test Connection option.

@Dibakar_Paul Check the local and Remote path whether they are correct or not once, Check also for files in local path once.


Ya I have checked. No issue with the paths.

I am now trying with “Open FTP Session”. But when I enable SFTP, i am getting an error “No suitable authentication method has been found”.

So do we need to use any sort of key file as shown in the properties?

@Dibakar_Paul I just used just 4 properties in my project.
User name and Password and a Host and Port

It is working fine for me, i don’t know what’s the problem in ur case.

ok. Thank You for the help.

I might need to have a different solution.

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