Extracting data from the table

I was wondering if you could help me to find a solution.
I need to extract data from the table.
The bale can have 50 rows, 5 rows or 0 rows (be empty).
The table appears in the new web window and, unfortunately, is not available for scraping (some “magician” create a single table for a single row!)
I can view (and possibly export) the table in a few formats:

The sample report below:

What will be your approach for scraping data from the table?

Hello @OzogRPA

Did you tried with Table extraction in Uipath??

Uipath- Table Extraction| How to extract table and pattern based data| Extract URLs


what about the html report?
Can you share with the sample? Thanks

Table extraction and HTML report was my first choice.
But a single row in a table is a separate table.
Here is a link for the HTML version of the data table (the data is fake, of course :slight_smile: )

html is perfect for the parsing


Otherwise we can also setup a custom extraction e.g. with find children etc.

May I ask what activities where you using?
It looks like the perfect solution for my issue.

just manually configured the Datascraping / Extract Data tool

Could you please give me some advice?
I’m struggling to extract the table as you did.
Thank you

Whenever I try to extract data (using DataScraping in Classic mode)
and I select (1) first data and then (2) second data - extra “items” are added (please see screenshot attached).
Do you know how to remove/exclude those extra items from scraping?


Hello @OzogRPA
have you tried exporting it as Excel Spreadsheet (last option in export format) and then read it ?

dear ,
use CV table extraction instead of it
please find below SS for reference
and for first row of table use split function for splitting the column and table value

the main idea to grab the data block is to work with the class=‘s0_’ divs and grab the columns by the span with its index


we start the wizard and indicate the first column (first value, second value) then repeat it for the other cols (correlated data)

Afterwards we post edit the extract xml by clicking on edit data definition

we got e.g. above result with following extract config

	<row exact='1'>
		<webctrl tag='div' class='s0_' />
	<column exact='1' name='Column1' attr='text'>
		<webctrl tag='div' class='s0_' />
		<webctrl tag='span' idx='1' />
	<column exact='1' name='Column2' attr='text'>
		<webctrl tag='div' class='s0_' />
		<webctrl tag='span' idx='2' />
	<column exact='1' name='Column3' attr='text'>
		<webctrl tag='div' class='s0_' />
		<webctrl tag='span' idx='3' />
	<column exact='1' name='Column4' attr='text'>
		<webctrl tag='div' class='s0_' />
		<webctrl tag='span' idx='4' />
	<column exact='1' name='Column5' attr='text'>
		<webctrl tag='div' class='s0_' />
		<webctrl tag='span' idx='5' />
	<column exact='1' name='Column6' attr='text'>
		<webctrl tag='div' class='s0_' />
		<webctrl tag='span' idx='6' />
	<column exact='1' name='Column7' attr='text'>
		<webctrl tag='div' class='s0_' />
		<webctrl tag='span' idx='7' />
	<column exact='1' name='Column8' attr='text'>
		<webctrl tag='div' class='s0_' />
		<webctrl tag='span' idx='8' />
	<column exact='1' name='Column9' attr='text'>
		<webctrl tag='div' class='s0_' />
		<webctrl tag='span' idx='9' />

Thank you All for your replays.
@AkshaySandhu - I tried to use Edge and failed, but now I try Chrome, and the file is downloading - yes, I’ll play with that.

@Kailas_Durgisht1 - I use CV - but the data I got was non-accurate

@ppr - Thank you very much for your explanation. I’ll try to use your solution (hopefully, I’m smart enough :P)

Once more, thank you all.
I’ll get back to you when I successfully extract the data.

check also out all other html offered reports as we do see e.g. html-table-based etc

Html-table-based - after selecting one field, UiPath recognises a whole row as a table.
I cannot see any place to adjust that.
Thank you for the tip.

wizard is asking you if entire table is to take. When saying no to this step, the custom extraction steps will start.

Maybe you can share with us the table-html sample file

Sure, please:

When I click the first data when the wizard asks me if I would like to extract the whole table, I choose no, and I continue data scraping, but I’ve got an error.
Restarting UiPath is not enough; I have to restart the whole PC :frowning: